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10 Reasons to Feature Your Business on the Doniphan County Website


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10 Reasons to Feature Your Business on the Doniphan County Website

1. You want to know that your marketing is working.

A key feature of the business directory is the quarterly reports that show how many visits to your business page. Your page also includes a contact form so that interested customers can reach out to you directly.

2.  You don’t have a website.

You can use your page as your website! By using a domain name to point to your business page, you can now have a website for your business—one that is professionally-managed, mobile-friendly, and gets lots of web visitors!.

3.  You’re proud to live in Doniphan County!

Being a featured member on the business directory helps to establish Doniphan County’s unified community brand.  Showcasing local businesses can attract even more economic growth.

4. People might be wondering if you’ve gone out of business.

If your business has inaccurate listings out on the web, or even worse nothing, people wonder if you’re even in business. Having an up-to-date, detailed listing on an authoritative site like the County website is a clear sign you’re thriving and open for business.

5.  Businesses can’t rely on only traditional marketing.

Businesses today can’t rely on traditional marketing methods alone to advertise their products and services. In today’s society, the Internet is the #1 influencer of sales, and social media sharing has taken the place of face-to-face conversations. Make sure your business is easy to share information about online!

6. You need to stay up-to-date.

With a business page on the Doniphan County website, you get the freedom to update the content of your web page whenever you want. Update your content weekly, monthly, or seasonally to keep your valued customers up-to-date on all that you’ve got going on!

7. You’ve only got 8 seconds to make an impact.

The average person’s attention span is now only 8 seconds. An enhanced business page can help people learn important information about your business quickly.

8.  You have jobs for local employees.

Potential employees also need to know how to find you and what you’re all about. You may post an ad looking for workers, but most will want to check you out online before applying for jobs.

9. Believe it or not, not everyone is on Facebook.

You have a Facebook page? That’s great, but 20% of online Americans don’t use Facebook. Reach more potential consumers with an enhanced business page.

10. Your marketing dollars benefit you AND your community.

Allow your marketing dollars to give back to the community. A percentage of what is spent marketing through the business directory is used to support Doniphan County.