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120 E. Chestnut
P.O. Box 250
Troy, KS 66087


Economic Development Assistant, Doniphan County Chamber of Commerce

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We’d like to open your eyes to Doniphan County’s business advantages.

If you’re searching for ways to boost your bottom line or ease your mind, if you want to expand or relocate where there’s less pain and more gain, then take a look at what we can do for you in Doniphan County, Kansas.

Open Shop

Kansas is a constitutional “Right-to- Work” state. You can increase your productivity and decrease your labor costs in a basically union free environment. We have a strong work ethic and affordable labor with a rare level of commitment. Kansans will give you an honest day’s work for a day’s pay. 

Open Arms

We want you to become one of our corporate citizens and we will do everything possible to get you here, keep you here and meet your business needs. Doniphan County, along with the state of Kansas, offers incentives that are among the best. On top of that, Doniphan County’s utility, real estate and construction costs are some of the lowest in the nation.

Open Road

You won’t see a traffic jam or closed expressways in Doniphan County. What you will see are wide open freeways that get you and your time sensitive products to anywhere in the United States fast and efficiently. We are visible from Interstate 229 which connects with I-29, I-70 and I-35 in Kansas City.  Kansas City International Airport is only 30 minutes away. One mile north of our industrial park, corporate jets and other general aviation aircraft can land at Rosecrans Memorial Airport. U.S. Highway 36, the main east-west corridor through the country, serves as a vital transportation link.

Open Spaces

Doniphan County is a land of abundant natural resources. From one acre to hundreds of acres are currently available for factories, warehouses and offices.  We have developed industrial parks, fiber optic systems with digital communication capabilities and over 2,000,000 customers within an hour’s drive. There is room to grow and fresh air to breathe. Doniphan County is also a safe place to live, with a crime rate among the lowest in the nation. Residents and current business owners appreciate the security provided by the excellent police officers and fire protection.

Open Opportunities

You can have it all in Doniphan County. The economy of rural industrial parks with the fun and convenience of St. Joseph, Missouri, just minutes away and Metropolitan Kansas City just one hour away. There’s more here than you can begin to imagine. We invite you to come and see us for yourself. Open your eyes to our convenient location, great people, low living and business costs and an excellent quality of life.