County Attorney


120 East Chestnut
P.O. Box 339
Troy, KS 66087


County Attorney

County Attorney

The Doniphan County Attorney’s Office is dedicated to serving the people of Doniphan County through its aggressive, non-prejudicial, and proactive approach to criminal, civil, and juvenile cases affecting Doniphan County.

Through unbiased investigations and legal expertise, it is our goal to provide a service that is both beneficial to the victims of crime, and the community in which they live.

As public servants, it is our duty to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Kansas, and the civil rights guaranteed to each individual.

We provide a service to the community that not only provides justice for victims of crimes, but the county as a whole.

It is the duty of the County Attorney:

  • To represent the Doniphan County in all civil suits arising under the laws of the State of Kansas in which Doniphan County is a party.
  • To file the proper Complaint against accused parties and to appear in the District and Appellate Courts of the State of Kansas and prosecute the appropriate criminal proceedings on behalf of the State of Kansas.
  • To file the appropriate Petition for the care and protection of juveniles that reside within Doniphan County.
  • To give opinions and advice to the Board of County Commissioners and other County Officers, when requested, upon all matters in which the State of Kansas or Doniphan County may have an interest.

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