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Rainbow Communications and NTCA Awards Doniphan County as a Smart Rural Community!

“We are honored to be nationally recognized for our contributions to our communities. While we invest in our broadband networks, our rural communities are smart because businesses and organizations utilize our broadband in ways to inspire economic growth and social development. This is an honor for all of us to celebrate.” – Jason Smith, Rainbow Communications assistant general manager

Recently Rainbow Communications won a national award from NTCA—The Rural Broadband Association as Smart Rural Community. While Rainbow Communications applied for this award, they emphasized that it was how the communities within Doniphan County use their broadband helped them to stand apart.

Rainbow Communications highlighted local organizations and businesses in Doniphan County that utilize broadband to enhance growth and innovation. These local organizations include:

Doniphan County Libraries 

The libraries of Troy, Wathena, Elwood, and Highland face the unique challenge of transitioning from print-focused media to the new digital era. Broadband has enabled the Library to be a resource to the public that don’t have access to a computer, or the Internet. Broadband has also enabled the Library to connect to about 45 other libraries using the same web-based system. This system allows the Library to send and receive about 15,000 books a year, getting books and movies they would not have been able to obtain otherwise.

Highland Community College

The local college includes the 480-acre Klinefelter Farm. The barn on the property, renovated in 2012, serves as a conference center for groups of up to eighty people. HCC needed high-speed Internet at the technology-driven learning center, and Rainbow saw an opportunity to reach others without access. HCC allowed Rainbow to build a wireless tower on the property. This collaboration allowed a Fiber connection to the Barn, and high-speed rural wireless to surrounding farms and residents.

100% Fiber-to- the-Home

Communities of Bendena and Denton have utilized this leading broadband technology which only 19% of Kansas residents have.  As a result of their recent success, Rainbow Communications have been going on tour to present each community in Doniphan County with a Smart Rural Community sign to place in their communities. Look for the sign in your area!

For more info on what it means to be a smart rural community click on this link community/what-makes- a-rural- community-smart.html