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Glacial Hills Venues finds new ownership

Glacial Hills Venues

WATHENA, KS – Glacial Hills Venues, located on the east end of Wathena, will continue what it does best, hosting events, now however, under new ownership.

Cathy and Kevin Echterling of St. Joseph, MO, bought the property from previous owner Angela Kay Hewins only three years after Hewins completely renovated the entire building to host area events and special occasions.

“I am really looking forward to having a little more time to visit and spend with my family,” said Hewins. “The new owners will continue Glacial Hills Venues as an event venue and evolve it into an even better place to host special events.”

Cathy has not only served on numerous community groups planning events for fundraising, parties, and social gatherings, but has also helped friends, relatives and real estate clients plan celebrations and functions for years. Glacial Hills Venues is the next step in making her dream a reality.

“We had been looking for an opportunity like this and it just came together,” said Echterling. “We are looking forward to continuing Kay’s vision as a gathering space for people in the local communities.”

Leah B. Johnson, Doniphan County Economic Development Director, said, “I’d like to thank Kay Hewins for seeing the opportunity in this property and renovating it into the building it is today. I know the new owners value the work she has put into it and are excited to be a part of the business community.”

To book Glacial Hills Venues for an upcoming event, please contact Cathy at 816-262-0686. Also like and follow Glacial Hills Venues on Facebook for more information.

“It’s always wonderful when a business in Doniphan County transitions so seamlessly,” Johnson said. “I can wait to see how the new owners infuse their creativity into the venue over time.”