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Doniphan County proposes formation and tax for a countywide ambulance service

Doniphan County Commissioners recently mailed a survey to all Doniphan County taxpayers regarding formation and tax of a countywide ambulance service.

The following spreadsheets, the first based on Ag properties and the second Real Estate, show the tax implications of a countywide ambulance service for informational purposes. The last column of each sheet details the total tax (including what is currently being paid) per acre per year for Ag properties and per month for real estate properties.


Please do not hesitate to reach to Doniphan County Commissioners or County Clerk if you have any questions.

You may also contact Mike Brissett, Chair of the EMS Committee, to discuss operations of the current ambulance services at 816-752-0521.


EMS Committee Members and the organizations they represent are:

  • Mike Brissett, Troy City Council
  • Bob Ryser, Fire District No. 1
  • Cory Shue, Wathena City
  • Eric Tracy, Fire District No. 2
  • Kevin Thompson, Fire District No. 3
  • Joel Euler, Legal Representative
  • Ken Stewart, Highland EMS
  • Matt McKittrick, Doniphan County Ambulance No. 1
  • Bobby Hall, Elwood City