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General Data


120 E. Chestnut
P.O. Box 250
Troy, KS 66087


Economic Development Director, Doniphan County Chamber of Commerce

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General Data

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Doniphan County is located in the northeast corner of Kansas, bordering the Missouri River. U.S. 36 Highway runs east to west through the county, connecting by Interstate 29 & I-229.

Municipal Services

Doniphan County is served by a county commission type of local government and has adopted comprehensive county planning and zoning codes. The cities are served by mayors and city council.

Distances from the Area

All destinations in the USA can be reached within two working days via motor freight delivery from Doniphan County. Overnight delivery (12 hours) reaches 16 states.

  • Chicago: 594 miles
  • St. Louis: 311 miles
  • Tulsa: 312 miles
  • Dallas: 564 miles
  • Memphis: 536 miles
  • Minneapolis: 403 miles
  • Denver: 670 miles
  • Little Rock: 444 miles


Annual Average Temp: 54.4
Avg. Daily Temps: Winter 36.1;  Summer 75.4
Precipitation: Annual Avg. 36″; Snowfall 19″


Doniphan County: 7,600 (2019)
Trade area: 175,000 (within 35 mile radius)
Median age: 41


Health needs are provided by the Doniphan County Health Department, medical clinics, ambulance service, nursing homes, Kanza Mental Health and nearby major medical facilities.


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