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New Residents Guide

Moving to Doniphan County? Welcome!

The following information will help you make a smooth transition. We look forward to meeting you!


View more about each specific city in Doniphan County here.

Available Housing

Doniphan County Real Estate & Rental Property Managers:

  • nLee Management: Nancy McQuillan 785-989-2300;
  • Koehler Rental & Storage: 785-989-3583, Wathena area
  • John Cluck: 785-989-3438 cell. 816-294-2011 – Wathena area
  • Matt Woodruff: 816-262-1886 (May have 2 BR Duplex available) – Wathena Area
  • Jill Hontz of A-1 Realty: may know of some available rentals. 816-244-9374 – Wathena, Elwood, Troy area
  • Mickey Meers: 816-262-6129 – Elwood Area
  • T’s Rental Services LLC: Terry Horner, 816-294-0046 – Troy area
  • Allen Trailer Court & Rentals: Marty Allen, 785-850-0805 – Highland area
  • Elwood Park Mobile Homes:; 785-991-1280 – Elwood
  • Try calling the city halls of the city you want to live in, they would know what is available for rent or sale at the moment:
    • Troy: 785-985-2101
    • Wathena: 785-989-4711
    • Elwood: 913-365-6871
    • Highland: 785-442-3765

Also refer to our real estate business directory for more information.

Building or Renovating a Home?


Click here to see information regarding utilities, water, sewage, landfill and telecommunications information in the area.


Locations & Days Open

  • County Shop on Spring Street
    Highland, KS 66035
    (east edge of town)
    4th Saturday of every month
  • 1142 St. Columbus Rd.
    Wathena, KS 66090
    (across from the transfer station)
    2nd Saturday of every month

Times Open

  • March–November: 9 a.m. to noon
  • December–February: 10 a.m. to noon

Items Accepted for Recycling *Items should be rinsed and/or cleaned and sorted.

  1. Glass – any color
  2. Paper – newspapers, mail, office paper, magazines, catalogues, etc.
  3. Plastics – all plastic items numbered #1-7 with recycling triangles on them (includes plastic jugs and bottles, plastic bottle caps, yogurt or margarine tubs, deli or salad bar clamshells, etc.)
    • NO Styrofoam, Plastic Bags or Bubble Wrap
  4. Cardboard – corrugated, paperboard, etc. (flatten cardboard)
  5. Metal Cans – food and beverage cans (tin and aluminum)
  6. Aluminum foil and aluminum pie tins



Doniphan County has three school districts and a community college. Click here to see all information.

Need help paying off old student loans? Check out the Rural Opportunity Zone Program from the State of Kansas.

County Library

Doniphan County Library District #1 has four branches in the county at Highland, Troy, Wathena and Elwood. Find out more about each Library location and hours here.

United States Post Office

There are seven post offices in Doniphan County. Find the post office nearest to you here.


Doniphan County has many churches and denominations. Click here to see a full listing.

Health Services

Doniphan County Health Department & Home Health


Click here to view all retail businesses in Doniphan County.

Doniphan County also has several grocery stores and markets. Click here to view a listing.

Local Events

View all upcoming community, business and government events on the county calendar.

Also follow us on Facebook and join the Doniphan County Events Facebook Group.

County Newspaper

The Kansas Chief

General Information

How to register your car in Kansas
Doniphan County Treasurer

How to get a driver’s license in Kansas
Doniphan County Driver’s License

How to become a registered voter in Kansas
Doniphan County Clerk

How to get a marriage license in Kansas
Doniphan County District Court

How to learn more about property taxes in Kansas
Doniphan County Appraiser

Looking to start a business?
Doniphan County Economic Development