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How do I prevent and deal with mosquitos?

During the Spring, Summer and early Fall, annoying mosquitos come out and create a nuisance. To help control the mosquito: Dress, Defend, and Drain. DRESS: Dressing in light, loose clothing […]

Where do I find out about a Burn Ban?

Learn about the Burn Ban Resolution by reading a copy of it here. Fines and penalties for failure to follow the provisions of the ordinance may occur. They best way […]

Where can I find the most accurate weather information?

Stay safe and up-to-date on weather information in the Doniphan County, KS area by viewing the National Weather Service – Kansas City website at and follow on Twitter. Please view recommended […]

How do I contact the Senior Centers?

Hours vary by site, but most are open during the noon hour. (Closed on all holidays in accordance with the Doniphan County Courthouse Holidays schedule.) Find more information on the […]

How do I contact the rural water districts?

Rural water districts are a water system designed to provide domestic water service to an area having a major part outside of an incorporated community. 1. First, make sure you’re […]

Who can utilize the transportation service?

Ridership is not based on any particular requirement other than you must be a Doniphan County resident. The service is available without discrimination on grounds of race, color, religion, sex, […]