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How do I prevent and deal with mosquitos?

During the Spring, Summer and early Fall, annoying mosquitos come out and create a nuisance. To help control the mosquito: Dress, Defend, and Drain.

DRESS: Dressing in light, loose clothing can help lower your risk of being bitten by a mosquito. Avoid wearing dark, tight clothing, as the mosquito tends to be more attracted to dark colors and can also bite through tight clothing.

DEFEND: Defend yourself from mosquitos by using repellents and dunks. Choose an insect repellent with DEET, eucalyptus lemon oil and/or other repellents that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Make sure to read the label of the repellent for proper use.

DRAIN: Remember to drain things that collect and hold water around your property. Mosquitos breed in water, so taking away standing water can reduce the mosquito breeding and overall population. Inside old tires are a hot spot for mosquito breeding; bird baths should be cleaned and emptied once a week; pool covers and tarps should be utilized; and roof gutters need to be cleaned so debris doesn’t plug up the drain, causing water to sit in the gutters. The dunks mentioned earlier can be placed in areas where there is standing water. They will kill the larvae but not the adult mosquito. The dunks are designed to be safe around humans and animals and are registered by the EPA. By doing the things mention can help you have a more enjoyable summer without those pestering mosquitos.