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How do I contact the rural water districts?

Rural water districts are a water system designed to provide domestic water service to an area having a major part outside of an incorporated community.

1. First, make sure you’re contacting the correct rural water district. View the Doniphan County rural water district map here.

These are the rural water districts in Doniphan County.

  • Doniphan RWD 2 (Bendena)
  • Doniphan RWD 3 (Denton & Severance area)
  • Doniphan RWD 5 (Troy & Wathena area)
  • Doniphan RWD 6 (Highland & Leona & White Cloud area)
  • Atchison RWD 5C (South of Denton & Bendena to Atchison)


2. Next, search for the rural water district you’re in on the online contact directory here. Type “Doniphan” or “Atchison” depending on which one you’re contacting and find the RWD information you need.

Find this and more information about the Kansas Rural Water Association at