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Appealing Your Value


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County Appraiser

Appealing Your Value

If you believe the county’s value does not reflect the fair market value of your property on January 1, you should appeal. The appeals process is an opportunity to review a property in more detail. We all want values to be accurate so we have a fair basis for sharing the cost of local services. You are welcome to request information about how your property was valued from the county appraiser’s office in order to determine whether you should appeal.

Taxpayers can formally appeal their value one time per year, and have the opportunity to file the appeal up to two (2) times per year.

Taxpayers can appeal their value:

Within 30 days from the date the county mailed the change of value notice in March to file equalization appeal contact County Appraiser’s Office when you pay your taxes. This is called a Payment Under Protest. You can either pay under protest when the first half is paid, when the second half is paid, or when the taxes are paid in full. If your taxes are paid in full by an escrow or tax service agent on or before December 20, you have until January 31 of the next year to file the payment under protest.  Fill out the Payment Under Protest Appeal Form in Treasurer’s Office when paying taxes.

The following is a list of Real Estate Deadlines:

Last day for:

  • County to mail valuation notices
    • Day: March 1
    • K.S.A: 79-1460
  • Taxpayers to file Equalization Appeal
    • (30 days from date county mailed notice)
    • 30 days
    • 79-1448
  • Informal meeting with County Appraiser
    • May 15
    • 79-1448
  • County Appraiser to provide final determination
    • May 20
    • 79-1448
  • County Appraiser to certify values to County Clerk
    • June 1
    • 79-1466
  • Hearing Officer/Panel to hold hearings
    • July 1
    • 79-1606
  • Hearing Officer/Panel to issue order/decision
    • July 5
    • 79-1606
  • Taxpayer to file with Small Claims Division
    • (30 days from date of informal decision or HOP decision)
    • 79-1606
  • County Clerk certifies abstract of value to Director of Property Valuation
    • July 15
    • 79-1604