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Mo-Kan Regional Council

Mo-Kan Regional Council, a planning organization that represents counties in NW Missouri and NE Kansas, is working to draw direct lines of communication from the folks that live in Doniphan County to their governments, grant opportunities, and development projects. In an effort to ensure that projects are prioritized properly and representative of the real needs
folks have, feedback sessions will be hosted at the Troy Library on May 16th between 3-7PM to revise Mo-Kan’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). It is the goal of the
CEDS to incorporate as many perspectives as possible so that all stakeholders, from individuals to organizations, are amply represented in area decision-making and further represented when
combined with larger state and federal strategies. For these programs to be truly representative
of communities’ needs, they require direct public participation.

These feedback sessions will be low-stress, professionally-led workshops designed to elevate community voices to affect real, lasting, positive changes. Seeing as the considerations
required to incorporate as many sectors as possible are many, Mo-Kan must rely on those that know the most about the area–you. No one knows better what communities need than the
communities themselves. The straighter the lines of communication, the better we can developin a way that reflects your needs. From Education, to Animal Health, everything that contributes
to Doniphan County’s economy should be considered. Through this tested process, Mo-Kan willorganize your needs into possible grant opportunities and community projects like improving
walkability, roadway safety, broadband accessibility, infrastructure improvements, and much
more. Help us ensure we don’t miss anything.

File: CEDS SWOT FLIER Doniphan