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Dr. Bauman acquires Alternative Medical Clinic in Wathena

Article first appeared in The Kansas Chief on December 28, 2017 written by Paul Stewart, Chief reporter.

Jordan L. Bauman recently acquired the Alternative Medical Clinic in Wathena. The chiropractic clinic has been operated by Dr. William P. Feuerbacher.

Bauman, in a recent interview with The Kansas Chief, was quick to explain. “I have been working here for three years. And, there is no immediate plan for Dr. Feuerbacher to retire. We are both here, as chiropractic physicians.”

He continued, “Soon after I got here, we reached an agreement that, some day, I could buy it.”

With the official purchase, Bauman stressed that there will be no immediate changes. “He and I have our practices. And we have Lisa Reed and Ella Mae Feuerbacher operating our reception desk.”

Bauman, formerly operating as an independent contractor under the name Bauman Chiropractic, also said the name — Alternative Medical Clinic – will not change in the near future.

Bauman’s office hours are 9 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, with Thursday’s schedule being 7 to 11 a.m.

For those who are not familiar with chiropractic medicine, Bauman explained to The Chief, “We do adjustments, from newborns to senior citizens.”

His current practice includes performing sports physicals, as well as Department of Transportation physicals for truck drivers.

The sports physicals involve both boys and girls, in junior high school, high school, and Highland Community College.

The majority of treatments, he said, involve low back or neck pain, and headaches.

However, he also deals with patients who have extremity issues, with shoulders, feet, knees, ankles, wrists or hands.

Bauman’s patients are not limited to those from Doniphan County. He also serves some from Brown County, as well as Andrew, Buchanan and Holt counties in Northwest Missouri.  In addition to regular patients, Bauman said he also accepts walk-ins.

Bauman is no stranger to Wathena or Doniphan County.

He is the son of Warren and Shari Bauman, of Wathena, and is a 2004 graduate of the former Wathena High School, where he participated in basketball, football and track. He then attended Ottawa University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in 2008.

Of his time at Ottawa U, Bauman recalled, “I played basketball for four years, as a forward. When I was a senior, we held the record for most wins in a season. We made it to the Sweet 16, and were the first team in school history to win a national game.”

During this time, Bauman thought he would get into athletic training.

Following his college years, Bau-man “took a year off, then was employed by the Union Pacific Railroad doing track labor.

“When I got laid off, I made a decision to go back to school.”

Bauman enrolled at the Cleveland Chiropractic College at Overland Park for the four-year program.

Of this career choice, Bauman credits his older sister, Hillary Rowenhorst, of Boulder, Colo.

“Hillary and her husband, Topher, have separate chiropractic practices in Boulder.”

He then began doing a preceptor-ship, under the supervision of Doctor Feuerbacher.

Bauman received the Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from the Cleveland college in mid-April of 2014. He then became board certified, and obtained his Kansas state licensure.

He started his association with Doctor Feuerbacher in December of 2014.

Bauman is married to Corey, and they soon will have three children.

He said they have a five-year-old daughter, Teagan, born in December; a three-year-old son, Silas, born in November, and are expecting another child in January.