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Official Economic Development Strategic Plan

It is important that people who live together collectively craft their future. Residents in Doniphan County can accomplish great things in our county by listening to each other, developing shared goals and committing to a cooperative effort.

The Economic Development Commission chose a strategic planning process to focus their efforts and engage other voices in envisioning the future, but most of all to excite people about getting involved in making it happen. The Commission has not completed a planning effort since the early 1990s; it was time to once again find out how residents want the Commission to spend limited time and resources.

The biggest benefit of a planning exercise is gathering citizen input, focusing work on areas that people agree to and establishing a mechanism to track progress. The value is in the decision-making, networking and energy, not the actual document.

This written summary is the final step in the planning phase, but only the first step in the action phase. The real work, success and long-term impact happens next when people who care about the County come together to make a difference in their lives now and in the lives of others 20 years from now.

View the FULL Doniphan County Economic Strategic Plan here. To view a brief summary outline, click hereDemographic data and survey result packets available upon request only. 

Doniphan County residents who would like to be on a task force to accomplish the six key initiatives, please contact Leah B. Johnson, Doniphan County Economic Development Director, at or call 785-985-2235 before the end of June 2018.